World's Smallest Political Quiz
# Question Jantunen
1 Personal Issues
1.1 Military service should be voluntary. (No draft) Yes
  Yes. I see draft as serious violating of human rights, it takes away huge amount of freedoms. It also takes away many resources from work and studies.
1.2 Government should not control radio, TV, the press or the Internet Yes
  Free media. That is important for liberal society.
1.3 Repeal regulations on sex for consenting adults Yes
  There should be no regulations on sex for consenting adults. Its no business of government
1.4 Drug laws do more harm than good. Repeal them. No
  Well, growing marihuana for own use is not so bad, but selling it is.
1.5 People should be free to come and go across borders; to live and work where they choose. Yes
  Average people yes, but there has to be surveillance because of criminals.
2 Economic Issues
2.1 Businesses and farms should operate without govt. subsidies. Yes
  Governments subsidies do harm for third world.
2.2 People are better off with free trade than with tariffs. Yes
  Yes, tariffs harm poor countrys and their products.
2.3 Minimum wage laws cause unemployment. Repeal them.
  There should be some sort of minium wage, but that kind of which can be adjusted by situation, for exampel short period jobs.
2.4 End taxes. Pay for services with user fees. No
  No, taxes are needed to maintain accetable living rate for the weakest and the poorest.
2.5 All foreign aid should be privately funded. No
  There should be privately and publicly funded foreign aid, it is needed.